Lone Star Outfitters of Texas provides trophy hunts for native and exotic game from around the world. We can take care of individuals, friends and family groups.

Our corporate hunts are designed to enhance relationships with special clients.

We also book dream African safaris!

We work with the best proffesional hunters in Africa.

From plainsgame in the Kalahari to Leopard/Buffalo on the Zambezi, we know the quality places to go.

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Axis Deer 2000 Blackbuck Antelope 1900
Fallow Deer 2000 Dybowski Sika 2500
Aoudad 2200
Texas Dall, Hawaiian Black, & Corsican 1250
Afghan Urial 4500 Armenian Mouflon 4000
Addax Oryx 4500 Scimitar Horned Oryx 3000
Bison (American Buffalo) 3900 Red Stag 4000
Hog Deer 4000 Pere David 9000
Barasingha 4000 Markhor 10,000
Waterbuck 4000 Elds Deer 9000
Dama Gazelle 4000 Sambar 8000
Persian Gazelle 4000 Uganda Kob 6500
Rusa 5500 Muntjac 2000
Mouflon Ram 1900 Red Lechwe 4000


Other Species Available on Request
Guide fee is $200 per day / observers $150
Confirm all prices when booking your hunt.

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We also book dream African safaris!

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